Architecture Tour

Beautiful buildings and some not so beautiful buildings, Berlin has been a city of experimentation!

Some people say that Berlin’s symbol the Bear should be replaced with a wrecking ball. There have been 5 drastically different political systems, each one wanting to redesign Berlin in it’s own image.

Prussia, The Weimar Republic, National Socialism, Capitalism, Communism and reunified Democratic Berlin. Grand designs and urbanism, it is no wonder that Berlin is known as an open-air architectural museum.

We could explore the heart of Berlin; from the modern government district to the beautiful classical square Gendarmenmarkt, walk through the most illustrative areas of central Berlin, as we explain the diverse and distinctive buildings along the way, or head into the various districts of Berlin, looking at the development of and experimentation with urban living spaces.

Deconstruction and Reconstruction. Come see the architectural contrasts characteristic of this city and the symbolism and history that stands on both sides of every street.