Get to know Berlin

No other city in Europe has had such a traumatic and difficult past, and no other city in Europe has reinvented itself to the extent of Berlin

We will we cover nearly 800 years and all the major eras of Berlin’s remarkable history. From it’s beginnings as a fishing village, the Holy Roman Empire, Prussia, the creation of the German nation, through the roaring 20′s to the rise of National Socialism, the years of Cold War division and eventual reunification.

We take in all the top ‘must-see’s, and a few things you can’t see at all, like Hitler’s bunker.
Tour the highlights, seeing the most exciting parts of Berlin in the course of a morning or afternoon.  Along the way, you’ll hear the stories behind it all, see a few hidden treasures and find out where to go for shopping, dining, and the best hot chocolate and cake selections in town.

Step into the whirlpool!